Ink Fingerprinting In Ohio

Collaborative Fingerprinting Services offers ink fingerprinting services both in-office and mobile for your convenience.

The Ink Fingerprinting Services We Handle

Identity History Summary Checks

We offer ink fingerprinting services on FD-258 cards. The FBI will accept the FD-258 or FD-1164 (Identity History Summary Request).


Need your annual FINRA check done? We offer printing to be done on your FINRA card as well as stock some of our own!


Need your annual FINRA background check done? We offer processing by use of FINRA ink cards.


NFA (National Firearms Act) card fingerprinting for any and all firearms-related purposes can be done by our staff members.

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Fingerprinting Card Pricing

Check below to see our prices for each service.

Ink Card

$50 | One Card
  • FD-258 | FD-1164 | SF-87 | NFA Cards
  • NFA Cards
  • SF-87 Cards
  • Out of State Reasons
  • Identity History Summary Challenges
  • Identity History Summary Check (Rap Sheets)

Ink Cards (bundle)

$65 | Two Cards
  • One Time Capture of Your Prints
  • You include the processing fee **
  • Inquire about our mailing service
  • Identity History Summary Checks/Challenges
  • Departmental Orders

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